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Shock & Vibration - Accelerated Test, Design, & Design Assurance (2 Day Course): We come to your company and provide a 2 Day Course. This is the most advanced corporate courses you will find and are the only provider of this type of high level course. See our brochure.

Understanding Shock & Vibration: On-Line Anytime or Join Our Next Webinar February 12 or 18, 2015 (3.5 Hours), Class Brochure here

Our Shock and Vibration Software for accelerated test, design and design assurance is part of an elaborate package that is reasonably priced. The software can be found at our sister site The DfRSoft package is complete and comes not only with the shock and vibration (module 25) but has full capability for design assurance in areas including quality and reliability, engineering tools, a physics of failure library, etc. It is helpful to have a full software package like DfRSoft because in order to do shock & vibration accelerated test, design, and design assurance, one needs to be able to do every aspect including quality and reliability.

Below is an overview of the Shock & Vibration Module 25 in the DfRSoft software package.

Vibration PSD Isolation Design Drop Shock and ED Shock Shock vibration 1 Shock Vibration 2 Steinberg Vibration Fatigue Sine on Random

Vibration and Shock Analysis Module 25 Description :

General conversion for Sine vibration between acceleration, velocity, displacement, frequency. PSD Random Vibration Spectral Analysis (plots PSD vs Freq and finds Grms content, Average and Max Velocity and Max Displacement likely and possible. Also provides and automatic correction for frequency positioning for slopes that exceed your maximum shaker limits. Also available Sine-on-Random plotting with Grms content, Average and Max Displacement, Velocity likely and possible. Random-vibration- fatigue-test analysis for X, Y, Z axis with strategies to demonstrate fatigue life from field data and minimal test times for each axis needed. Steinberg Circuit board fatigue life, here one can predict circuit board fatigue life based on the Steinberg model. Constant Acceleration (RPM versus radius, Gs), As well requirements for  UD load for shaker, Octave Sine analysis (time to run resonance search test), Sine Vibration Q analysis. Mechanical ED Shaker Shock for multiple wave forms input Gs and Pulse duration obtain stroke and max velocity. Drop Shock height estimations for - Half-Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth for given Gs and Pulse Duration. Also available is packaging foam thickness analysis for different Drop Heights and G capabilities of your product. As well a strategy for Resonance Sine test conversion to a Random test and Random to Sine. Isolation Design with Transmissibility Analysis given damping and resonance information.


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We help jump start your program in Shock and Vibration. We help you in obtaining field data and understanding it, this includes the easiest method to measure field vibration. We help you in designing accelerated tests, analysis of specifications. Help you determine what is the right test for your environment (sine, random, drop shock, electrodynamic shock, constant acceleration, HALT) and so forth. How do you equate your accelerated test to field use condition, what is your products MTBF, how best do you design for vibration isolation, dampen vibration, or encapsulate to protect your product.  We are simply the best at what we do because we also teach the only advanced corporate course in Shock and Vibration.

About Us: is a sister site of We provide the best in class courses, software and consulting to help you accelerated tests, design, and provide design assurance in Shock & Vibration

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